Packing Tips


Try to use as much food as possible before moving. Seal open boxed foods such as cereals, powdered foods, etc. Cover holes of shaker-type containers and seal with tape. Put small containers of condiments and spices together in a small box before packing them into a larger carton. Canister contents can be left in canisters with tight fitting lids although they should be individually wrapped with white newsprint and sealed with tape to prevent spillage and to protect the finish.

  Pots, Pans, and Small Appliances

These items should be packed in medium size cartons. Don't forget the crumpled paper in the bottom of the carton first. If pots, pans and trays are a graduated set, each one should be wrapped separately and then nested together. The heavier the item, the smaller the box. Keep a layer of newsprint between each wrapped pan, pot or tray. Small unbreakable wrapped packages can be placed inside the wrapped group to effectively utilize space. Small appliances should be wrapped in several layers of newsprint. Remember to drain water from any appliance that has a reservoir, for example, steam irons, vaporizers, humidifiers, dental appliances, coffee makers.
Always pack cords and accessories with the appropriate appliance to avoid confusion during unpacking. If the appliance has a fixed cord, put a layer of paper between the cord and the appliance to prevent scratches


Lamp shades should only be handled by the metal framing and packed in a medium carton. Surround the shade with sheets of tissue paper or clean packing paper and fill in empty spaces. The only other item that should be packed with a lamp shade is another lamp shade, one that will nest inside or on top without pressing against the other. Do not use newspaper as protective linings between each shade and you should not use crushed paper for packing. It's all right to use small pillows or bath towels inside the shades.


Towels, sheets, linens etc.., should be packed in large cartons or, if suitable substituted for cushioning materials.

  Records - CDs

Records albums and compact discs can be packed in small cartons, ON EDGE with paper crumpled in the spaces to make the pack firm. Records without covers should be wrapped individually in white newsprint.

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